Links to other sites devoted to Karl Urban

Xena/Herc Hunk Page
Seperate pages for all the "hunks" of Hercules and Xena..with a page devoted to Cupid
Temple of Cupid
A brand new message board started by me..with KimD as Co-Founder..This will be built in the same vein as the Temple of may want to check it out first to get an idea..we'll be "serving" Cupid
Temple of Cupid II
The second Temple of Cupid
Temple of Cupid III
This is the present Temple
Kriket's Cupid Page
More on stuff
Temple of Love
Pics and a guestbook
Karl Urban Chat
Not really a chat room..actually a message board devoted to Karl
Karl Urban Web Ring
A webring devoted exclusively to Karl Urban
Caesar's Palace
Karl Urban Fan Page
Pics..links..some info
Kiwi Hunk Exchange
Links to sites on Karl and other Kiwi by my friend Rachel
Kiwi Lounge
More links and info on our Kiwi hunks
Temple of Cupid (Webpage)
Webpage for the Temple of Cupid bulletin board mentioned above. Has info on our Priestesses, Cupid and the Temple itself.
Ped's Karl Urban Page
Has links, sounds, surveys and more
Sura's Karl Urban at WarriorCon Page
Pics of Karl at WarriorCon in DC
Ceallach's Karl Urban:WarriorCon Page
Pics of Karl at WarriorCon in DC

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Shrine   of   the   Urbanites..a   Karl   Urban   Page

Welcome..This page is devoted to the gorgeous actor from New Zealand who plays Cupid/Julius Caesar/Mael on the television shows Xena:Warrior Princess, and Hercules:The Legendary Journeys...Karl Urban. Not much is here yet, because it's very hard to find information on Karl..but I will be adding things as I find them. All credit for the photos on this page go to KimD at the Xena/Herc Hunk Page. The link to her page is to your left..please visit it. Thank you so much Kim..I owe you a lot. Now, without further little shrine devoted to Karl Urban.

Info on KarlUPDATED 4/17
Pics of Karl
Quotes from Karl